Honey Benefits

images (41)There’s something really poetic in honey. That alchemical elixir that transform bees and has been in human life since ancient times. But apart from its seductive color, scientists have superpowers that add to its charm. Honey has an unusual chemical composition keeps it fresh indefinitely without spoiling (as seen in jars recovered from Egyptian tombs). It is particularly low in moisture and extremely acidic, making it inhospitable to bacteria and microorganisms territory. And moreover, bees add an enzyme, glucose oxidase, to make hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct.

Thanks to all this, honey has been used as a medicinal remedy for millennia and millennia. And since then, with the help of having a delicious taste and used to sweeten all kinds of food, honey is used for treating everything from abrasions to cancer. The following are some of the best known benefits of honey, either confirmed by science or passed from generation to generation.

1. Cough suppressant

2. Improves memory

3. Healing wounds

4. Provides nutrients

5. Prevent potentially reducing the number of total leukocytes

6. You can remedy seasonal allergies.

7. Mata antibiotic resistant bacteria.

8. May help metabolize alcohol.

9. It is a great source of energy for exercise.

10. Solve problems scalp and dandruff.

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