As you know perfume?

Fix 7Smell is the sense that has more memory, so people who wear perfume all their lives, are remembered by the aroma.

1. The limbic system is responsible for our long-term memory and connects with emotions and memories with aromas in the olfactory region, which is connected with the outside world.

2.Perfume comes from the Latin “per-fume” meaning “through smoke”. This word is used to refer to aromatic substances, which when burnt gave off a rich aroma.

3.The Sumerians also invented the first writing system in the world, made the firstPerfumes-Baratos perfumes in the year 3500 BC.

4. The Egyptians were the first to use them regularly and Cleopatra considered an expert on the subject.

5.Previo the fight, the gladiators put different fragrances in all parts of your body. Rome perfumes were almost an obsession and became common baths made perfume.

6. According to some studies, people who wear perfume always think better of themselves.

7. By the same perfume can have a different flavor depending on who you use? This is because the PH, which is the level of acidity of the skin of each interact with the fragrance creating different 000000aromas.

8.Si have dry skin perfume scent lasted less about yourself, the solution is to refresh periodically. You better stay fresh and stimulating fragrances.

9. If your skin is mixed-fat, perfumes last longer. You agree intense flavors like amber incense and roses.

10. An eau de cologne, is a mixture having 3% perfume water combined with alcohol and is therefore much lighter.

11. An eau de toilette, is a water-based solution or alcohol containing 3% or 8% of the actual perfume.

12. The eau de parfum, are between 10% and 15% of perfume in an alcohol base.


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