The apprentice of man

Latinbohemian presents:

Jorge Eduardo Campos.

rteCountry: Costa Rica, Athens.

Artist, painter, sculptor, teacher.

Creator of Us Art.

For blood brings art, reflecting the same Gallery, in personality, in his unique style, passionate and dedicated, live art and breath the art, gives life to unique characters, spaces where the imagination is glad to analyze , your compass is your very life, promotes the artist in everyone inside. If life have no color he will painted for you,  a moon -child a always remained in the natural satellite as their teachers says, let your navel in San Jose (he express freely) and Athens of life. In his workshop we are art ,is like being at that table full of creations at home  when we had five years old, I was talking to an old friend, the colors flood the workshop but who gives life is Jorge Eduardo Campos, singular character who a intimate reason I can not post your image but his works reflected in every corner, so inste205e8f53f928ea5bc241b35d032292bcad of his image publishes photo of your beloved guitar treasure JOY (serenaded by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Chavela Vargas), happy, long hair and black in a ponytail, her ugly style so described, in shirt, shorts and sandals, semi slanted eyes, trigeña , smile as signing big-hearted as his canvas, I spread of art, emotions, color life., Until tomorrow  new friend rather old acquaintance in another life he says,  and so begins the adventure of art sneak this latinbohemia.


The true artist is a response that transcends, where form and color are mixed to give life and character to your Obre. The artist finds his extraordinary moment where the soul is mixed with pigments and get a unique hue, making the color of your dreams.

Each authentic artist deals with finding that, that valuable time, where the soul is intertwined with the canvas, where the heart and brushes move in unison, a magical time, a time of expansion, the moment where art is revealed to artist, a sublime lightning where hands sing the unique work of color, shapes and dreams.

My work is only a reflection of what I see and experience to go to see the world created by others, their colors, shapes, emotions. From precarious to Guararí Heredia until Sixaola banana and La Paz of Puerto Viejo, they have been mixed to shape my drawings and paintings.11304284_690763857724015_1186351911_n

Both mixed emotions to shape these unique beings, half person, wood, cardboard and hope with a little sadness. In the paintings I seek emotions marked on the rosto, because life is carving trenches and hammering a grimace or a smile on the faces of people, so little is carved in our heart shape face. Joy, hope, sorrow, love, it would take a thousand paintings to paint a thousand faces and emociones.Cada oil is a frozen emotion, some without ears, surrounded by silences characters.

In everything I saw, I also marvel with smiles, joys and hopes, but these are works that arrive in time, because what strikes me most is this: the angry faces and suffering, sighing in lonely smile. My intention is to paint the pain, it is to shape the emotions that came the first time I saw and walk where many do not walk or want to see.

Jorge Eduardo Campos.11033181_1589425888013269_6314564767260730631_n


The Guru of design in glass and native jewelry.

Latin Bohemian presents:

frty Arguedas Campos Jonathan.

Country: Costa Rica, Alajuela.

Technique: Polished recycled glass.

From his workshop Jonathan better known as “Johnny Jewerly” creates original and indigenous designs from his studio in Catuca house (Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Athens). Presents a new idea of jewelry design based on recycled glass technique learned abroad and implemented in the country, also uses precious stones in the region and different types of domestic wood, providing a saftey edgy finish. An innovative idea to look at your wardrobe, working all kinds of colors and styles that would provide a national stamp.

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